WATCH: Giorgio Moroder ft. Kylie Minogue – “Right Here, Right Now” Official Video

Here it is, the All-New official music video from Giorgio Moroder & Kylie Minogue:


When Daft Punk kick-started a disco revival back in 2013 with ‘Get Lucky’, they also managed to awaken the Godfather of the genre, Giorgio Moroder, from his presumed retirement. After a few years of morning golf and crossword puzzles (his own admission!), the Italian producer was approached by three labels to work on a new album. Due out this spring, Moroder joined forces with disco’s natural princess, Kylie Minogue, for the lead single; a cocktail of chewy synths, happy-clap beats and a euphoric chorus that shimmers brighter than Diana Ross’s glitterball. The final result is a fabulous nod to the past, but with the clout to contend with modern-day floorfillers.

Watch & Enjoy


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