WATCH & LISTEN: Kylie Minogue transforms into a medieval beauty in Galavant (Off With His Shirt)

She fell in love with her current boyfriend, Joshua Sasse, after meeting on the set of U.S. TV series, Galavant.

And it’s not hard to see why the pair fell for each other as Kylie Minogue stuns in new promotional images, taken from the second series of the fairy tale-themed musical comedy.

Check out this first look at the episode featuring Kylie Minogue as ‘The Queen’, running a gay bar in the middle of the Enchanted Forest and punishing Galavant by ordering him to remove his top during a camp-tastic rendition of a song called
Off With His Shirt

Watch & Enjoy

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UPDATE: “Off With His Shirt” is OUT NOW on iTunes (US)!

Galavant will air in the US on ABC from January 3 with two episodes back-to-back.

The ten-episode series will run each Sunday night for five-consecutive weeks.

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