WATCH: Kylie Minogue: ABC’s “Galavant” Gives Us One Of The Gayest Episodes In TV History (Full Episode)

ABC’s camptastic medieval musical parody Galavant returned for a second season Jan 3rd, much to the surprise of just about everyone, including the cast.

They took the opportunity to address their surprise renewal, with an episode titled “Suck It, Cancellation Bear

Determined to throw all caution to the wind for Season Two, the first episode picks up with heroic Galavant (Joshua Sasse) and the exiled King Richard (Timothy Omnudson) lost in the woods when they come across “The Enchanted Forest,” a gentlemen’s pub filled with only gentlemen.

 What follows is the gayest musical stretch on network TV since The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, starting with a cameo by Galavant’s arch-enemy “Jean Hamm” (John Stamos).

Smelling fresh meat, the Queen makes her entrance. Disney legend Alan Menken andTangled‘s Glenn Slater pull out all the stops with “Off With His Shirt,” and Kylie Minogue has a grand time manhandling her real life boyfriend Josh.

Ordered by the Queen to tend bar forever (or at least until “your abs go soft”), Galavant and the clueless Richard are stuck, until Richard devises an escape plan.

You see, they had to have a ladies’ room to keep up with code, but it was never used, so they never actually finished it.

Before they get back on the road, Richard runs into his long-lost “Uncle Keith,” who was his father’s best friend and *cough* “traveling companion.”

They ask Keith to come with him, but Keith is comfortable living in The Enchanted Forest

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“Off With His Shirt” is OUT NOW on iTunes (US)!

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  1. kyliekat Jan 09, 2016 - 05:25 PM

    LOL the second time Kylie has uttered “guards” in an American production


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