Kylie Minogue and more Celebrities at Centre of Powerful Art Exhibition

The Celebrity And The Big C event is being held at a gallery in north London.

Celebrities who have been affected by cancer have become the stars of a London art exhibition.

Photographic portraits of stars such as Kylie Minogue, Angelia Jolie, and David Bowie are appearing at the Zebra One Gallery in north London for the exhibition, which is called Celebrity And The Big C.

In photos from the event, Angelina Jolie can be seen posing nude, while Motorhead musician Lemmy drinks a pint of beer.

Images on sale include 15 editions of previously unseen Kylie Minogue images, by photographer Phil Knott.  The pop princess was diagnosed with breast cancer and recently celebrated her tenth anniversary of beating the disease.

David Bowie also features in the show. He died in January from the deadly disease at the age of 69, prompting a worldwide outpouring of grief .

The exhibition also has portraits of stars like Steve McQueen and Lemmy – who sadly didn’t survive cancer.

The show is in support of cancer charity Marie Curie and opens today.

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