Kylie Minogue Gives A Mini-Update On Her New Album

Kylie Minogue was feeling a little nostalgic yesterday. “Light Years was released 17 years ago today (I can’t keep up with all of these anniversaries!!!) #Lovers, thank you!” she captioned a flashback post on Instagram. “As you know, I’m working on my next album and reminders like this are a real boost for me to keep going, to keep working hard and keep believing in music and how important it is for us all.”

The international pop superstar’s new label has promised a “great, big, classic Kylie pop record,” which is exactly what the world needs right now. So far she has worked with a bunch of country producers in Nashville, DJ Fresh, Karen Poole, Sigala, Brian Higgins, Richard “Biff” Stannard and Guy Chambers.

As far as a release date an insider has stated: “There is a new date for the record, it’s not this year, but not long to wait.”

Stay Tuned.

UPDATE 10/15/17: Kylie Minogue’s new single will be released in early January! The video will be shot in December in the US.


  1. Frank Jackson Sep 26, 2017 - 06:14 PM

    The most incredible album that will never age

  2. Lanny Sep 27, 2017 - 09:26 AM

    Light Years is a gift from gay heaven. It is a masterpiece.

    • Nigel Sep 27, 2017 - 10:46 PM

      Fever was my first album bought followed by light years. By far the best 2 albums. As Lanny says – light years is a masterpiece. But then all Kylie music is

  3. Ollie dorrill Sep 27, 2017 - 09:05 PM

    Amazing tunes that will carry on forever

  4. Maralyn Sep 27, 2017 - 11:08 PM

    Love you Kylie. “I was gonna cancel” my everyday mantra to keep going!

  5. Tui Sep 29, 2017 - 04:44 AM

    Kylie is the best pop star ever! Her music is timeless pop and i love it!

  6. Anthony Oct 03, 2017 - 12:39 PM

    Travelling light years


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